Major Land Scam in Hyderabad [updated – G Square Epitome Integrated City Hyderabad – Investigation]

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      Major global and domestic companies in Hyderabad are jittery about the value of their real estate holding after the Telangana government initiated a series of legal cases questioning the legitimacy of the ownership of land holdings, both private and government auctioned.

      The latest episode that triggered a fresh wave of panic among investors is the largest land scam in Telangana involving hundreds of acres valued at atleast Rs 15,000 crore. After the opposition raised a hue and cry, the government was forced to announce termination of suspicious land registrations.

      “It’s time for the government to rethink and examine all the existing procedures and make clear titled land banks available for investors,” said Veera Babu, Cushman & Wakefield’s managing director. The latest land scam comes at a time Hyderabad’s real estate market was beginning to look up after several years and for the first time after Telangana state was formed in June 2014. Hyderabad has been allotted to Telangana, forcing Andhra Pradesh to find a new capital.

      “This would certainly affect the investment flowing into the (Telangana) market in the short term. The land scam has dealt a blow to this upswing and will create uncertainties in the minds of investors and buyers, occupiers alike,” said Shrinivas Rao, chief executive officer (Asia Pacific) of global property consultant Vestian Global Work Place Services.

      Investors who were stung by messy land titles in Hyderabad include Google, Microsoft, Tishman Speyer, Shapoorji Pallonji, DLF, Lanco, Puravankara, Sattva Salarpuria and My Home group. Even procuring land from the government is no guarantee. “We are only acquiring land from government or corporate houses as they are clear titles,” said Biajy Agarwal, MD, Salarpuria Sattva Group.

      In the latest land scam, the accused colluded with land registration officials to corner hundreds of acres of contentious land parcels in Hyderabad’s Miyapur and a few other localities.”Hyderabad is one of the worst property market in terms of land records.There are scores of dubious land titles in the city,” said the owner of a local brokerage firm in Hyderabad.

      Hyderabad real estate market was going through a revival in the past couple of years after the formation of Telangana. According to JLL India, Hyderabad has the third-lowest vacancy level among all metros at 9%, behind Bengaluru and Pune with 4% and 5% vacancy, respectively.

      The Opposition Congress, Telugu Desam and BJP allege that government lands worth at least Rs 1lakh crore in Hyderabad were encroached upon during the past three years of TRS rule and accused the government of facilitating offenders by not retrieving such land. “There is clear land available in Shamshabad and Rajendra Nagar. Government needs to make sure that the infrastructure is available.There are many private builders looking to expand in Hyderabad,” said Ram Chandnani, MD, transaction, CBRE .

      Land stuck in tortuous litigation include those of Lanco, which bought 100 acres through a government auctioned global bidding for over Rs 427 crore in 2005. The company spent more than a decade in courts after Wakf Board claimed ownership of the government-auctioned land.

      DLF had pulled out of Rai durg in Hyderabad after 31 acres it bought from the government ended up in dispute with a government agency claiming that the land falls under a heritage zone.

      New York-based property developer Tishman Speyer, which bought 400 acres in early 2007 at Rs 1,686 crore through a government organised auction, has sought the state government’s nod to sharply scale down its project to only a fourth of the area.

      Bengaluru-headquartered real estate firm Mantri Developers is seeking compensation from the state for seeking to retrieve a significant portion of its land, where it is building one of Hyderabad’s largest mixed-use real estate projects at Jubilee Hills.

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      • Land grab by big leaders
      • Land grabbing of farmers with threats
      • Real mafia doing evil in Chautauqua
      • Using names of Amit Shah and KTR
      • Scams by defaming even elders
      • Epitome is the first day to know everything

      Threats to innocent farmers.. Buildings like big boys.. Talks like Amit Shah and KTR.. CP Mahesh Bhagwat and Additional CP Sudhir Babu are playing games together. All this is a real mafia gang going on in Chautauqua. The entire gang was uncovered in the early morning Crime Bureau operation. The real traders are beating the farmers around Chautuppal at a low price acre after acre. Although 1200 acres are to be taken over, another 200 acres are in the hands of farmers and steps are being taken to take over the entire land.


      What is this story?


      All these are the followers of the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Lands were purchased here from 2008 to 2012. 37 acres of Tagadapally Survey No. 646, 647, 648, 664, 665, 666 were purchased vide Document No. 1285 in the name of Clyde Town Planners Private Limited. Guru Tej Bahadur Developers, 85 acres in the name of Wave Lake Wood, 51 acres in the name of Megha Build Mart, 43 acres in the name of Mika Town Planners, 52 acres in the name of Mall Berry Housing Ld, 49 acres in the name of Nelson Housing and Land AC Developers, 4 in the name of Omega Town Planners Acres, 76 acres with Orchid Build Well, 47 acres with Pavan Town Planners, 52 acres with Peace Build Mart, 49 acres with Ramin Town Planners, 50 acres with Rubia Town Planners, 54 acres with Saraswati Build Mart, 30 acres with Snowberry Town Plaques. 14 acres with Victory Infra Build, 48 acres in the name of Gold Fol Planners.. Thus the sale deed is 742 acres.. 175 acres with GPA holders have been encroached in Thangadapally. In D Nagaram, 56 acres through sale deed, 75 acres through GPA, a total of 1048 acres are kept in their hands. In this, 275 acres are in the hands of former Sarpanch and former MLA. Bhudan Patta and Sealing Patta lands are among the lands purchased by them. It seems that the goal of all of them is to grab all these somehow. The ceiling lease lands are in the lands purchased by them. It seems that the goal of all of them is to grab all these somehow. The ceiling lease lands are in the lands purchased by them. It seems that the goal of all of them is to grab all these somehow.



      Everything comes to light with Veeresham’s family quarrel!

      In Survey No. 687, 2 acres and 10 pits of land have been seized in front of the Epitome office. The police are saying that no one should go there as the litigation property is under CrPC 145. They say that there was a fight because they went. Viresham crushes the family by putting the bouncer. Again the police made illegal cases against them. With this, the Crime Bureau inquired about the 1200 acres of land. Epitome administrators are doing land donation by knocking the soil in the mouth of the farmers who are plowing the sur place land.


      What did Epitome do?


      Epitome Projects LLP was incorporated on December 12, 2019. No share capital or paid up capital is shown. Manthena Satish Verma, Manthena Venkataramana, Padmini Kumari, Kanta Jaipal Yadav, Lingala Vinith Reddy have undertaken this project. They first bought 351 acres from Panti Chadda, Manti Chadda and Rajender Chadda, former chief minister’s benami, at the rate of 40 lakh rupees per acre. It is being developed. They are encroaching on the rest of the lands without allowing anyone to go. They are looking to sell this land and buy the remaining lands. It seems that many agreements have been made.



      Bad luck with the authorities!


      It has been found that the names of big political leaders are being used in this danda. Amit Shah and KTR are fooling the authorities by saying that they are in their pocket. Although it has 250 acres of government land, no steps are being taken to protect it. Bhudan Bhoomi and Sealing Sur Place land are doing real estate and they are watching. If the farmers ask about their land, section 145 of CRPC is implemented and they are causing trouble.



      Vinit Lingala.. He slandered AP Chief Minister Jagan and MP Vijayasai Reddy. Believing Amit Shah’s son to be his best friend, he went with them and posed for photographs. He is telling everyone here that he is the one who introduced Jagan to Amit Shah. However, when Vijayasai Reddy told Vinit about the marriage of Amit Shah’s family members, he was shunned from then on. However, there are allegations that he cheats the big boys in Hyderabad. Some people say that there is a need to detect and check such things before the police do not rush after the matter comes to light.


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      Srinivas Subba Rao

      Another video –



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      Srinivas Subba Rao

      This from iNews –


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      Srinivas Subba Rao
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      Hi Srinivas. Can you translate what is being said in the above videos?

      My brother-in-law has a petrol pump close to Epitome Integrated City and I think he should know about this.

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      Srinivas Subba Rao



      Here you go –


      iNews Video – 

      The police have finally taken action against the managers of Epitome Venture in Chautuppal mandal of Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district. Veeresham family members of Tangedi Palli village protested near the venture a week ago that their land had been encroached upon. This led to a clash between the venture staff and Veeresham’s family members. Both parties have filed complaints at the police station. As a result, the police, who arrested Veeresham’s family members, delayed taking action against the venture staff. iNews has aired a series of articles on this.

      In the case of Boduppal Municipality Epitome Venture, these farmers were cheated and arrested, in which the only bodyguards were arrested instead of the original owners. Only if the owners were arrested, the justice will be served for those farmers. We want those farmers to be released as soon as possible. Here the farmers are facing a lot of problems at home. Akula Nishanth, Jaipal Reddy and Venkateshwarlu are the owners and police are trying to make them escape. But in order to bring them to justice, three of them should be arrested. We request this government to do justice to the farmers.

      The affected farmers complained to the police that they were threatened with weapons and attacked with stones and sticks. However, due to the pressure from some higher authorities, the police backed away from taking action against the venture managers. The police finally responded after a series of articles published by iNews. After a thorough investigation, the police registered a case against 9 people, including Epitome Vice President Akula Nishanth.

      A case has been registered against the accused under Sections 324, 447, 506, 149, and also on Arms Act. Three accused were arrested and remanded. A search operation has been launched for six others who are absconding. About the matter that happened yesterday, if a case was filed against them, three owners, but three of their employees were arrested. The are trying to let go off these owners. But the farmers were taken and arrested at night. Hiding the owners and doing injustice to the farmers, only the body guards of the owners were arrested along with innocent farmers. They should release them. They arrested our husbands in the night itself but letting off the real culprits. The police should arrest them, they took our husbands and those farmers unjustly. Just because they are big shots, police are letting them escape but they should also be arrested and our husbands should be released and justice should be given to us and the police should also take action against them.

      The victims are demanding that only after receiving their seized land along with the arrest of the accused, they’ll receive justice. Atleast now, the revenue staff should respond and conduct an in-depth survey. They say that they will continue their agitation until their encroached land is handed over. Local farmers are expressing their anger on the attitude of Epitome managers. They came, took the reins and said it’s ours. They always played tricks on our farmers. Is this fair? Now they are helping Akula Nishanth, Venkatesa and Jayapal Reddy to escape. Three of them should be arrested and sent to jail. They should release the farmers. It has been 7 days since they were taken away. Their families at home did not eat anything. They were stuck to the land. They say they care but they are all liars. It will be good for us only after they catch all three of them. They are going around but they have wronged us. They don’t even let us work in the farm, even when the tractor comes for work, they say the plate number should be noted in the register and go, Nishant did everything. He should be caught.

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      Srinivas Subba Rao

      Here is the other video

      So this is a bit, this is a real estate scam news. I showed you yesterday too. Four days ago at midnight, at one o’clock in the night, the local police of Chautuppal came upon a farmer’s family and arrested the family at 1:00 in the night. Because they went to attack the office of a venture saying that they have occupied his two acres of land, and the venture people also threaten the farmer’s family with guns, and both of them filed complaints at the police station, the police considered the case of the real estate venture’s, leaving aside the case of the farmers just because of the fact that the venture’s people are big shots. The farmers were arrested at one o’clock in the middle of the night. That is the news. But we dug deep into this. I didn’t pay much attention when I read it yesterday. So our crime bureau investigated about, what really happened? What is the story? Where is this company called Epitome came from? When we inquired how 1100 acres came into their hands, eye-popping facts came out. We all need to see this news once. Its very important. Epitome Integrated City, Largest Real Estate Project Approved by HMDA. Who is the Minister of Municipal Department? Mr. KTR. Please, KTR sir, they are doing the fraud even by using your name. Or are you really part of it? Or are they just using your name? You have to answer. Be a part of the largest integrated city in south India it says! 142 Acres of Integrated City. Such things are being put on brochures and websites and are being advertised in this way. where is it?

      What a way of usage man! Real business @ Chautuppal. Do you know Chautuppal, Chautuppal was in the middle of the road from Hyderabad LB Nagar to Vijayawada. Land trade under the name of big shots! Farmers’ lands are seized by threats. Real mafia in Chautauqua. Using the names of Amit Shah and KTR. Big shots are also cheated. Tholi Velugu has revealed the dark side of epitome. Innocent farmers are threatened. Fraud using the names of big shots. Boasting that Amit Shah and KTR are close to them. This company is even playing with CP Mahesh Bhagwat and Additional CP Sudhir Babu. All this is a real mafia gang going on in Chautauqua. All this was uncovered in the Tholi Velugu crime bureau operation. The real traders are snatching acres of land for a very low price from the farmers around Chautuppal forcefully. Although they want to take over twelve hundred acres, another two hundred acres are in the hands of the farmers, and steps are being taken to own the entire area. What is this story? All these are the followers of the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Lands were purchased here from 2008 to 2012. In the name of Clyde Town Planners Pvt Ltd, 37 acres of Tangadapally (Thangadapally is in the middle way from Chautuppal to Narayanapuram road) in Survey No. 646, 647, 648, 664, 665, 666 were purchased under Document No. 1285. 85 acres in the name of Wave Lake Wood and Guru Tej Bahadur Developers. 51 acres under Megha Build Mart. 43 acres in the name of Mika Town Planners, 52 acres in the name of Mall Berry Housing LD, 49 acres in the name of Nelson Housing and Land AC developers, 43 acres in the name of Omega Town Planners, 76 acres in the name of Orchid Build Well, 47 acres in the name of Pawan Town Planners, 52 acres in the name of Peace Build mart. , 49 acres in the name of Raymin Town Planners, 50 acres in the name of Rubia Town Planners, 54 acres in the name of Saraswati Build Mart, 30 acres in the name of Snowberry Town Planners, 14 acres in the name of Victory Infobel, Gold Fol Planners… Wait a minute, this news is very important for us because poor farmers are suffering there. Let’s see on the website. 48 acres in the name of Gold Foal Planners. Thus the sale deed is 742 acres and 175 acres have been deeded to Tangadapally with the GPA holders.

      In D Nagaram, 56 acres through sale deed, 75 acres through GPA, totaling 1048 acres in their hands. In this, two hundred and twenty five acres are in the hands of former Sarpanch and former MLA. Bhudan Patta and Sealing Patta lands are among the lands purchased by them. It seems that the goal of all of them is to somehow grab all these.

      We are bringing you this article with total details including total survey numbers. If you dare, real estate traders related to this epitome should respond. Where are you from? Why are you making these innocent farmers suffer? Who is behind you? You should respond immediately as to why you are calling Amit Shah and KTR’s names. Please refrain from calling us asking about why is this on news and saying they are your people. This business should be banned.

      Here are all these big men. Check it out once. Everything comes to light with Veeresham’s family issue! Some farmers protested in front of the epitome office that 2 acres and 10 pits of land had been occupied which is under survey number 687. Police are saying that there is enforcement of crpc 145 as litigation property and no one should go there. It is said that because they went there, thus there was a fight. Veeresham’s family was crushed by the bouncer. Again the police filed illegal cases against them. With this, the crime bureau inquired about the story of 1200 acres of land. Epitome organizers are snatching farmers land and making them suffer. They are starving those farmers by stealing the land in which they are plowing. These are all those so called intellects.

      What did Epitome do? Epitome Projects LLP was incorporated on 12th December 2019. No share capital or paid up capital is shown. Mantena Satish Verma, Mantena Venkata Ramana, Padmini Kumari, Kanta Jaipal Yadav, Lingala Vineeth Reddy have undertaken this project. In the first phase, they bought 351 acres from Panti Chadda, Manti Chadda and Rajendra Chadda, former chief minister’s Bhinamis, at the rate of Rs 40 lakh per acre. Development is being done in it. They are committing encroachments without allowing anyone to enter the rest of the lands. They are looking to sell this land and buy the rest of the lands. It seems that many agreements have been made. We are putting before you all the details including the survey numbers. You have to respond if you dare.

      Close relations with the authorities! It has been found that the names of big political leaders have been used in this fraud. They are managing the officials saying that the people like Amit Shah and KTR are close to them. Although it has 250 acres of government land, no steps have been taken to protect it. Bhudan land and ceiling surplus land in this real estate fraud and the officials are just watching. If the farmers ask about their land, they implement section 145 crpc and put the farmers in trouble. This gentleman took a photo with them, showed this photo and threatened. The photo has Vijay Sai Reddy, CM Jagan, Amit Shah in the middle.

      Shock to CM Jagan! Vineet Lingala… He slandered AP Chief Minister Jagan and MP Vijayasai Reddy. Making them believe Amit Shah’s son to be his best friend, he went with them and posed for photos. He even boasted to people that he is the one who connected Jagan to Amit Shah and is blowing everyone here. However, when Vijayasai Reddy spoke about him in the marriage of Amit Shah’s family members, he was distanced from him. However, in Hyderabad, there are allegations that he cheats the big shots by using such tricks. People say that instead of police reacting to such after the matter comes to light, there is a need to check things like this before their occurrence. So they are snatching the food from innocent farmers’ plate. We played this clip yesterday too. Once the farmer’s family was arrested, they said, ‘Leave my father, the land is ours.’ The family members fell on their feet crying.

      ACP left on leave saying that he has nothing to do with. Maybe he was sent on leave. At one o’clock in the middle of the night, a farmer’s family is arrested, waking the judge up in midnight and the farmers’ family was remanded, so understand this situation, people! You will understand how many forces are behind this. The innocent farmer’s.. two acres of land belongs to this farmer. There are many more. Let’s bring out the whole thing. Any victim can turn to Tholi Velugu. No one will be spared if we receive any calls saying this is ours, they are ours people, etc. Unfortunately they even staged Darnas in front of Chautauqua Police Station. Innocent farmers. This is the venture. 1100 acres. It has government land too. Why is the government not ashamed? What is the government doing? What are the officers doing inside? What are you all doing as sub registrar or RDO? You have to answer yourself whether the police officers were involved. If there is a situation where you have to go and arrest at 1:00 in the night, what other superiors are involved? Mr. Mahesh Bhagwat, are they just using your name? Or are you really behind it yourself? There are accusations against you. Please respond. So they cheated the poor people and making them suffer. Where did they all come from?


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      Srinivas Subba Rao

      For those who couldnt understamd these videos –

      00:26 – Watching breaking news. The accused farmers of Epitome Venture have been released from Nalgonda District Jail. The farmers of Thangedupalli of Chautuppal mandal clashed with the venture staff a week ago claiming that their land had been encroached upon.

      00: 37 – In that order, both groups filed complaints at the police station. In the background of the dramatic developments, the police took the four farmers to remand at night as per the complaint to the venture managers.

      00:50 – The complaint given by the farmers was brushed aside. The issue went up to the government officials as inews stood by the affected farmers. Responding to this incident, Minister Jagdish Reddy has reportedly ordered the police to conduct a thorough investigation.

      01:36 – At the initiative of the minister, the police finally took action against the Epitome staff. Meanwhile, the released farmers say that the legal battle will not stop until they get their land. They stated that the police spared the three venture managers who attacked them and demanded to arrest them as well. The affected farmers thanked Minister Jagdish Reddy for standing with them.

      02:20 – My father’s name is Middela Rangaiah and mother’s name is Sugunamma. We have 2.10 acres of land inherited from our grandparents in survey no 687. While we were cultivating that land, the people from a venture named Epitome attacked us on Thursday, the 14th of this month. They attacked us using harsh words and threatened with guns.

      02:45 – We filed a case in the police station for the same reason. After filing a case, the people from venture also filed cases against us and sent us to jail. On the same day around 11 or 12 o’clock at night, we were remanded and sent to Nalgonda sub-jail by 5 o’clock.

      03:05 – We have been in jail since that day till today. Even getting bail has become a very difficult task. After we filed the case, out of 14 who attacked us, only three came to jail a few days ago.

      03:28 – No matter how many people conspire and try to do injustice to a farmer, justice has won today. By mentioning the names of the big shots, without knowing what is happening at the lower level, some people tried to make a farmer suffer using the power of the upper level.

      03:41 – A kingdom with a crying farmer never gets better, this epitome venture which is torturing a farmer will never get better. This is a challenge. They will not escape from being guilty of sin. He says that they have support from higher level, but it is important to have love, not them.

      03:54 – Even a venture without love will be destroyed. That epitome organization will also be done for. Because the kingdom where the farmer wept never recovered, neither did the venture that tortured this farmer. Moreover, people who fought on this issue are being vilified today.

      04:05 – Ours is a culture of one person helping the other. Destroying that culture, one said that as a former sarpanch, I asked for a bribe while I’m trying to help him. We did the challenge that day too. So far no one proved it. Moreover, if anyone speaks on their behalf, whether it’s the media, or the authorities, they are propagating that they have asked for money.

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      Ponty chadda

      Monty Chadha, brothers are Liquor Barons of UP, Bihar, and Delhi.

      Giant company in North India

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      Srinivas Subba Rao

      Here are videos with subtitles for all NRIs who could fall into this scam –


      Beware of Epitome






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      Arvind Kumar

      Epitome really feels like a scam, purported by shady individuals who I cannot find anything online. Let me explains –

      Epitome Integrated City is a project by EPITOME PROJECTS LLP .

      According to online records, it is owned by –



      Now let us discuss each of these individuals –



      Vineeth Reddy is associated with BJP and also YCP. He seems to be a relative of Jagan.

      According to this tweet-

      Evil nexus of BJP YCP exposed, YCP MP Vijaya Sai Reddy runs away after media spotted him waiting at the PMO along with jagan’s relative vineeth reddy. BJP with the corrupt.

      More –

      YCP MP vijaya sai reddy and jagan relative vineeth reddy in PMO hiding away from media



      Delhi: Vineeth Reddy from Telangana travels with Jagan’s team in Delhi. Who is he? Where is he? No one has ever inquired so much. Since he is with Jagan, they think he is a big person. However, Amit Shah is not the type to sit back. Amit Shah did not like Jagan bringing this person to him at all. I heard that this Vineeth Reddy is close to me in Chennai and Delhi. It is known that Amit Shah asked why this person is hanging around with you. The staff of Amit Shah’s office asked Jagan’s team what is the relationship between Vineeth Reddy and the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. After this incident Vineeth Reddy may no longer be seen in Jagan’s team, Delhi observers commented.



      vineeth reddy



      He was also a Director at –

      Companies Designation Appointment Date
      15 July 2015
      15 July 2015


      Both above companies were in Kolkata West Bengal.

      So basically no experience in real estate. Only political connection and a shady first project of 1000+ acres .




      This guy had zero experience in developing any real estate project. In fact the only relevant news article I could find is –

      Jaipal Kantha purchased a luxury car, and paid 10 lac for a premium number. For a nobody like him, it seems he is enjoying the money he made in Epitome Project.

      the new series TS09 FU 0009 was sold for Epitome projects at a cost of Rs 7.95 lakh

      His previous two companies are now shut –

      • Hardrock Bricks Private Limited
      • Siddi Gems And Precious Metals Private Limited







      Original Date of Appointment

      03 October 2013
      30 September 2002
      Designated Partner
      26 September 2020
      Additional Director
      01 April 2010


      Cartons, Packing companies. Zero experience in real estate.

      I think this person is just a sleeping partner. It could be that these people are just fronts for a big scam, or major money laundering by BJP and Jagan.






      Again, just like above person, Satish Varma is into cartons and packing materials. Maybe he is useful in packing loads of cash from this scam.




      I could not find anything about this lady. There is no record of who she is. No mention on Epitomes website, or Google. It seems to be a fake identity, or probably a small employee being used in this scam.



      Now lets look at the project –





      Here is an updated Google Earth image of the project. This is the reality.


      The entry to Epitome Integrated City is nearly 1 km inside the Main Road.

      All they have done is flatten the land, without any real plan, and selling dreams to innocent and unsuspecting victims.


      Compare this with the DREAMS they’re selling –


      WhatsApp Image 2021-07-15 at 3.19.30 AM


      Ridiculous. What bloody liars these fellows are.

      Anthaa uthutheeee …



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        Bobby priya

        Hi Arvind.

        My husband was looking to invest in Epitome Integrated City.  I saw your post and was shocked and surprised.

        However, I think you are confused here. Epitome Integrated City is a project by GSquare Housing as I was told.

        Am I wrong? Pls check G Square Epitome Integrated City – Home | Facebook

        It says –

        G Square Epitome Integrated City


    • #1883
      Arvind Kumar

      Bobby. Yes, you’re probably right (and wrong)

      GSquare Housing seems to have partnered with Epitome Group. This actually confirms my earlier doubts that this is indeed a SCAM.

      A scam managed by Politically connected people and having random scammers run the show.

      If G Square Housing is involved, there is a lot of black money involved here.

      Check these articles –


      I-T searches yield ₹433 cr. from three companies – The Hindu


      The Income Tax (I-T) Department has found over ₹433 crore of unaccounted money during searches at retail firm New Saravana Stores Bramandamai and two real estate firms — G Square Realtor’s Private Limited and Lotus Ventures and Infrabuild Private Limited. According to officials of the I-T Department, Investigations Wing, of the total, ₹284 crore belonged to the retailer while the rest was from the two real estate firms.

      During the search operations, the taxmen seized ₹24.36 crore cash, gold weighing 12.53 kg and diamonds (626 carats). Over 72 places belonging to the three firms were under the I-T scanner since the first raids on January 29.

      An official, who was part of the search operation, said, “It took a long time to conclude this operation because we had to search each floor at New Saravana Stores Bramandamai. One of the properties had nine floors. We also had to go through the CCTV footage in each of the floors thoroughly.” Another source said that the taxmen noticed suppression of sales to the tune of over ₹1,500 crore by manipulating software used by the retailer.


      Stalin’s Development Model – Family Enrichment G Square Way! – Bharatvoice


      MK Stalin and his government is celebrating one year in office, by splurging two full page advertisements in all national dailies published not only in Tamil Nadu, but all over the country including the national capital Delhi tom-toming their so-called “Dravidian Model of Development”. It is only befitting here that some light is thrown on Stalin’s real development model which enriches his own extended family at the cost of massive income loss for the state exchequer. The DMK certainly has progressed from the 2G scam during its rule from 2006-2011 to G Square scam in its current stint in office from 2021.

      The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s son-in-law Mr. Sabareesan is closely associated with businessman Bala, well known as G Square Bala, owner of real estate corporation G Square. Currently the company is growing faster than the speed of sound. The government as a whole is building the grid and working for this G Square company…

      According to a report in the Dinamalar newspaper, a new industrial park will be set up on 400 acres of land in Arakkonam. The park is equipped with a  track for loading and unloading goods from trains. The required number of substations, basic facilities like drinking water facility, road, drainage etc. are all being constructed and also arrangements are made to get the services of telecom companies. Even a helipad has been created for this industrial park.

      A well organised industry which should be run  by a state government is done by a private company, a corporate entity run by the chief minister’s nephew.  It should be noted here that GSquare has sold about 2000 subdivided plots of land on Chennai East Coast Road, Old Mahabalipuram Road alone in the last 10 months, with a minimum starting price of Rs 1.25 crore per house.

      In the last 10 months alone, the company has invested around Rs 5,000 crore around Chennai. Its land area alone is about 10 times equal to the area of Anna Nagar. More than that they have sold Hundreds of acres on the road to Bangalore, about 200 acres in Coimbatore and Palakkad, residential plots in cities like Tirupur and Trichy. Its values ​​are at least around 20 to 30 thousand crores except Chennai.

      Recent newspaper reports suggested that they have bought the space of a big company in Chennai Anna Salai at a bargain price. Also the Industrial park is now spread over 400 acres in Arakkonam ,  400 acres is about 7200 flats. Isn’t this a faster (spread) growth than coronavirus?. This growth can be compared to SIPCOT or SEZ (special economic zone). Even those sectors has so far developed just 30,000 acres of industrial park in about 50 years

      To set up this 400-acre industrial park, the Government of Tamil Nadu will build on it on a war footing magnificent roads, electric lights, drinking water connections and a substation at the people’s expense.

      The Revenue Department, the Divisional Engineering Department, the Electricity Board, the State Highways Department, the Tamil Nadu Drinking Water Board, the Department of Deeds and all the concerned state administrations will plough these 400 acres day and night with lightning speed. But the profit is all for this GSquare company.

      The establishment of an industrial park must be duly notified to the legislature by obtaining approval at a state cabinet meeting; It will come with monotonous interruptions; The villagers invariably go to court and many of them may not come forward to give their lands. It generally takes over 5 to 6 years to overcome all the hurdles and set up a SIPCOT. But a private company like G Square due to its proximity to the ruling party brings all the sectors under its control without any restriction and gets all the necessary infrastructure developed with people’s tax money and grabs all the profits.

      A landowner who owns about 2 acres are granted permission only 15 to 18 months (after a bribe of about 10 percent)  after running around pillar to post from Tahsildar to PWD engineers and all middle men.This includes the henchmen of Viduthalai Chiruthaigal, and Ambedkar followers whose palms have to be greased.

      From the late 1990s to 2005, the Maran Brothers loved the private television, FM radio, newspapers, and even the aviation industry invented by the Wright Brothers.

      Raja and Kanimozi took over the 2G spectrum from 2005 to 2013 to regain lost opportunities and establish social justice, making the entire family Kuberas. At the same time, Udayanidhi and Durai Dayanidhi took over the entire cinema industry of the day.

      Today, GSquare sells apartments all over Tamil Nadu in the name of industrial parks, destroying them and filling their stomachs.

      The real estate sector as a whole has come under the control of this GSquare company. Opposition-run companies and land grabbers are now spreading the word about their siblings’ lands. People who had been in the real estate business began fleeing  as soon as GSquare arrived in the area. The situation is similar to the film industry which has been helplessly handing over the distribution rights to them with no other option.

      The number of people who have sold land to the GSquare company for a pittance has begun to rise. The G Square is a smoking gun and a monumental 2G scam in making. So, the much hyped Dravidian Model of  development model of the Stalin government is nothing but a model for family enrichment at the cost of public exchequer.


    • #1884
      Arvind Kumar

      G Square. This name has become ubiquitous in Tamil Nadu today. Be it on billboards along East Coast Road or as advertisements while scrolling through Instagram, the name G Square just pops up everywhere.

      And that’s precisely why it is in news.

      G Square Realtors Private Limited is a real estate company which aggregates land parcels to set up residential plots and commercial complexes. It also sells these land parcels to big corporates to set up IT parks. G Square has gobbled up the real estate spaces spanning across Chennai, Trichy, Coimbatore and Hosur with several luxury housing projects to its name. No other real-estate firm has seen such meteoric rise in a short span of time.

      This has led to allegations that the company has seen this astounding rise owing to its close ties with the family members of DMK chief MK Stalin.

      Initially, these allegations didn’t seem to have much credibility. But the way in which the state machinery has swung into action on G Square’s complaint alleging conspiracy, lends much credence to the allegations.

      The G Square – DMK Connect

      Though the brand G Square has been in existence since 2012, it wasn’t very much active in its initial years. In fact, its latest website was registered only in 2021, just a month after the DMK came to power.


      [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1460"] Website registration details of[/caption%5D


      It was only after 2017 that more than 20 organizations were registered with the name of G Square and most of these organizations have been registered under the name of Rangaswamy Ramajayam, Sreejith and Sreekala. These 20+ organizations include G Square Housing, G Square Zamin Properties LLP, G Square Developers and so on.

      In order to understand the connect between DMK and G Square, a few dots need to be connected.

      Dot 1

      According to G Square Group’s website, there are three persons in the “Management Team” – Eshwar N, Chief Executive Officer; Purushotham Kumar, Chief Compliance Officer; and Sreejith K, Chief Operations Officer.



      In most of the entities in the name of G Square, it is Sreejith, Sreekala and Ramajayam who are ‘Designated Partners’.





      Now here is where things get a little interesting.

      The address in which these entities of G Square are registered is an apartment in Harrington Road, Chennai. The same address has been used as registered address for over 20 entities.

      The address in which the rental agreement has been signed by Sreejith for registering these entities is the address of Anbuchelvan, the son of late DMK leader Anbazhagan.

      Dot 2

      DMK MLA from Anna Nagar M.K. Mohan has given a loan of ₹17.73 lakhs to Ramajayam, ₹17.49 lakhs to Sreejith and ₹18.94 lakhs to Sreekala.



      Dot 3

      There is one more connection to the DMK. Rangaswamy Ramajayam, who runs over 40 organizations including over 20 G Square entities, also runs a firm called Lotus Horizon Developers LLP in which one Prashanth Reddy is the other partner.





      This Prashanth Reddy runs one of the largest real estate group in Telangana called Mahidhara which has taken most of the government contracts for building bridges, roads, etc. Mahidhara also has projects in Chennai in localities like Oragadam, Sriperumbudur, and off Poonamallee. If one were to ask the people living in these localities, pat would come the answer that it all belongs to those close to the DMK family.

      But what is worth mentioning is that Prasanth Reddy also runs a company called Lotus Bhevin Developers LLP in which DMK chief MK Stalin’s son-in-law Sabarisan exists as the other partner.



      Okay. So, the partners of G Square have some kind of business ties with a member of the DMK’s first family. Big Deal! Is that a crime? No.

      This is where understanding Dot 4 becomes crucial.

      Dot 4

      One of the biggest projects of G Square is the ‘G Square City’ in Coimbatore spread across 127 acres with a total cost of around ₹600 crores.

      The deed for this project states that four entities namely – Deep Jyoti Projects Private Limited, Crocus Builders Private Limited, Gems Buildcon Private Limited, Emaar India Limited – have given the power of attorney to G Square to sell the land.

      And there is a pattern to how these land parcels from these entities came under the control of G Square.

      Around 36.9 acres of land have come through Deep Jyoti Projects to G Square. The encumbrance certificate of these plots reveals that Deep Jyoti Projects had purchased them on 22 May 2006, leased them out to Emaar India on 12 March 2008 which was later cancelled on 20 May 2019. Deep Jyoti Projects later gave the power of attorney to Emaar India 6 June 2019 who later converts the land parcels into saleable plots. Finally Emaar India gave the power of attorney to sell the land to G Square on 9 February 2022.

      Similarly, Crocus Builders having 31.8 acres had purchased the land parcels on 26 May 2006, leased them to Emaar India on 12 March 2008 which was cancelled on 20 May 2019. Later, the same Emaar India is given the power of attorney on 6 June 2019 who later gives the power of attorney to G Square on 9 February 2022.

      Land measuring 56.2 acres from Gems Buildcon have ended up at the doorsteps of G Square in the exact same way around the same dates.

      Now here is the catch.

      All the four companies – Deep Jyoti Projects Private Limited, Crocus Builders Private Limited, Gems Buildcon Private Limited, Emaar india – have the same address which is at Saket, New Delhi.

      And what is even more astonishing is that there is only one person behind the transfer of power of attorney between these entities.

      One person transferring power of attorneys from one entity to another all of which function out of the same address is good enough reason to red flag.

      So, where is the DMK connect here?

      Now Emaar India is promoted by the Dubai-based Emaar Properties. Emaar India is embroiled in a number of scams. In 2021, Emaar officials had fraudulently forged board resolutions of subsidiary companies of another company named MGF Development to usurp land owned by the latter’s subsidiaries. In another case, Emaar-MGF (EMLL) had allegedly created 10 companies in the name of its employees on directions of its managing director to usurp prime land being developed near Hyderabad. Emaar is also accused of money laundering.

      It is the CEO of this company called Emaar that CM Stalin had recently met in Dubai, a country that is now becoming the global hotspot for money laundering.


      [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin to meet business heads in Dubai - The Hindu CM Stalin in Dubai[/caption]


      Remember that before CM Stalin went to Dubai, it was his son-in-law Sabarisan who had gone much earlier to meet with various business leaders in the gulf country.

      G Square, The Real Estate Behemoth

      G Square has 10 projects along East Coast Road, 8 projects along Old Mahabalipuram Road, and several other prime localities in Chennai. There are 7 projects in Coimbatore, 2 in Trichy and 1 in Hosur. The total value of all the G Square projects across Tamil Nadu amounts to around ₹6000 crores. The natural questions that comes to anybody’s mind is – how did G Square manage to acquire so many plots worth several thousand crores under its name? How is it that the company is seeing so much business in such short span of time especially after the DMK’s rise to power?

      The land parcels held by G Square in different places do not seem like the company invested money and purchased these plots recently. To understand how these things work, it is important to understand the nexus between politicians and the real estate business.

      Consider a case where a politician belonging to a party named ‘D’ who has properties registered in the name of his benami is wanting to sell a few of the properties to raise money for himself. Usually, a real estate agent helps in finding interested parties. However, finding an interested party is an arduous task in itself. When a big real estate baron comes into the picture, it becomes easy and everybody is happy.

      Consider another case in which a Minister is to take a bribe to grant approval for a project. The Enforcement Directorate or the Central Bureau of Investigation will sniff if the transaction is made within India. So, to stay away from the radar of law enforcement agencies, a deal is struck with a company abroad which later routes the money into the country in the form of ‘investments’.

      The land parcels held by G Square could be that of those belonging to the land mafia or it could be a property purchased by a politician with ill-gotten money, or these land parcels could itself be mired under disputes. We don’t know. But once these plots are sold to the common public, these lands become relieved of its troubles. If there is black-money involved in the transaction of these lands, it become white. In essence, it becomes a classic case of money/land laundering.

      It is not being implied that G Square has purchased plots this way or acting as agents of money/land laundering purpose. But the agressiveness with which G Square is going about its business does create suspicion. Even a layman can sense that there is something fishy.

      How The Wheels Of The Govt Are Moving Fast For G Square

      Not just G Square even the government machinery in Tamil Nadu is moving aggressively for G Square. Junior Vikatan, a bi-weekly Tamil magazine in its January 23, 2022 issue had carried an article in which it was written that ‘a company having an English letter in its name’ has started construction work worth over ₹1,000 crore in the last six months.

      The owner of the particular company has apparently told all the government officials that ‘his company is close to Sabarisan’, Junior Vikatan noted.

      The article alleged that the said company is also throwing around its weight in getting approval for its projects from the Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP). Approvals which takes months for other companies are being done in days for the said company. Other real estate companies are also strong-armed to strike deals with the said company and those who refuse to yield are harassed with further delays in getting approval for their projects.

      And for this article, the Tamil Nadu Police had registered an FIR against Vikatan’s directors based on a complaint by G Square.

      Not just Vikatan, even YouTuber Maridhas who had recently put a video on G Square along with political commentator ‘Savukku’ Shankar were included in the FIR as the complaint stated that a Chennai-based businessman named Kevin, along with Vikatan, Maridhas and ‘Savukku’ Shankar, conspired to tarnish the reputation of the founder and managing director Ramajayam.

      While Vikatan has denied any ties with Kevin, the magazine has said that when the real estate company sent them a defamation notice on on March 3, 2022, they had asked for Kevin’s details, but received no response.

      Maridhas and ‘Savukku’ Shankar on the other hand have no relation what so ever with the case. Maridhas has released two videos on the matter and Savukku Shankar has been talking about the case on Twitter.

      But look at how the Tamil Nadu police has had no qualms in including two unrelated individuals in a case just for talking about it on social media.

      Who is the Tamil Nadu Police trying to protect? Under whose direction were the names of Maridhas and ‘Savukku’ Shankar included?

      The Questions That Hang

      Be it in getting approvals from government departments as alleged or filing cases against those talking about the company, an entire state machinery seems to swing into action on hearing the name of G Square.

      Hence it becomes pertinent to raise these following questions:

      1. What is the connection between G Square and the DMK family?
      2. How did so much of real estate space land up at the doors of G Square?
      3. Is G Square getting favours from the state government because of its close ties with the DMK family?
      4. What transpired in the meeting between CM Stalin and the CEO of Emaar in Dubai?
      5. Is G Square being used to launder money routing it through Dubai in the name of ‘investments’?
    • #1891
    • #1899
      BA Raju

      who are the promotors/ controlling shareholders of both these companies? gsquare is nothing but a dmk machine to whitewash their black money

      epitome is machine to whitewash bjp/jagan money.

      this is institutionalize corruption


    • #1901
      Surya Reddy

      Shocking to see that Telengana Politics is so deeply immersed in Corruption. Enforcement Directorate must investigate and freeze those properties if anyone is guilty. Now we can understand why these are being sold to common people quickly so that Central Govt wont be able to take any action against.


    • #1903
      VJ Ganesh

      This project is shady af.

      I see so many ads here. None of my relatives back in India have anything good to say about G Square Epitome.

      There is so much confusion and misinformation about this project. Did you guys see this new website –


      Both these projects are outside Hyderabad city. 2 hours to reach city outskirts. Selling dreams to people who don’t know the truth.



      No water source. No infrastructure. No connectivity. No security.

      This is an exercise to whitewash corruption money by politicians and their lackeys.


    • #1907
      Akram Quadri



    • #1916

      Aparna, Prestiga and Shathabdhi are far far far better companies than this fly by night company called Epitome Integrated City. Please do not invest your hard earned money with these thieves.. There are lot of good options and many trustworthy and credible companies to choose from, do not fall for this trap.

    • #1917

      This company needs to investigated and promoters need to be in jail. I have lot of dirt and information about their shady and illicit background and activities. Where can i email all evidences? Kindly give me email address of author.

    • #1914

      i visited their site… it is so far away from the city, had a terrible journey. not at all convenient. the funniest and the worst part is that they had done so much marketing and advertising of this project that i actually thought i will get to see something out of the box and great, but when i reached all i saw was barren land …this project is a scam, the promoters are big scammers. this is all very shady and illegal. please beware and do not invest a rupee with these scammers.

    • #1913

      Raghu Anna🙏 Nilanti  Vallu unte Telangana ki Rythu ki Antho manchidhi Anna🙏🙏🙏

    • #1915
      S Rao

      పాంటీ చద్దా మాంటీ చద్దా, సోదరులు యూపీ, బీహార్ మరియు ఢిల్లీకి చెందిన లిక్కర్ బారన్లు. ఉత్తర భారతదేశంలోని పెద్ద కంపెనీ

    • #1931
    • #1934

      i have been looking to invest in such kind of project, i am an NRI , i have researched really well and the only thing i have heard about this company is this webpage that talks about what a big fraud and scam this is , makes me really worried and skeptical about investing in this market. i have never seen heard or read anything about epitome online, very shady company. request u all to please suggest safe and good options.

    • #1932

      i am invested in Shathabdi and im very happy with that decision. everything about them is absolutely good , i have never ever faced any issues in anything. never heard of epitome ever

    • #1933

      aparna is also good anna, have been hearing great things about them, i will be meeting with them this week to finalise

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